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How I Watch "TV"

It seems like this is a super un-hip thing to say, but I love watching TV.  I mean, for god sakes, I have spent my whole career working and playing with video, so how could I not?  And like most folks, I do the majority of TV watching in my den.   But like any well meaning, good hearted video geek, I have shifted a lot of my viewing habits to non traditional methods.  Sometimes that means mobile devices, but not always -- after all, I paid for that big honkin' flat panel, I might as well make the most of it.  So how does a self describe video geek consume content?
Just because I dont watch it on my TV doesnt it mean its not TV.  And just because it shows up on my television, doesnt it mean its traditional cable or broadcast content like you'd expect to find (in fact, I watch video podcast on my TV quite a bit these days).  so with all this in mind, I thought it might be handy if I ran down the various methods -- hardware, software, and services -- I use for keeping up on my shows...

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