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News Re-cap from the Week

Lots of news has been hitting the web this week.   From OTT to Playon here is a rundown of this week’s eye catchers:

OTT (over-the-top)
WiPhoto by Mr.T in DC th announcements of Google TV, Streaming Media Global brings us a discussion over gatekeepers. In theory, he who owns access to the home can define what the consumer watches and pays for, this can be critical to broadcasters who want to push their content. This article reviews some key challenges that the major players will face.

More on TV

Paid Content reports that Cablevison has been working on a new service that lets digital cable and broadband subscribers see the content of their computers on their TV’s. Executives were fairly quiet about it during last week’s earnings call but reported that it is working very well in trial. The experiments they have been trying will allow viewing on iPad, iPhone or PC. COO Rutledge envisions the iPad being used in Cablevision homes to access Broadcast TV as well as Video on Demand.

Hulu on your iPodtouchPhoto by Claustichi
Playon which allows users to stream personal media and other videos to gaming consoles has announced the ability for users to download video to the iPhone or iPodTouch without downloading an app. This will open the ability to view Netfix or Hulu on your iPhone or iPodTouch. The next task on the list for Playon is compatibility with the iPad.

Google and Verizon to End Net Neutrality?
Photo by hiconomicsBoth Google and Verizon denied to the New York Times that they are trying to end net neutrality. Reports from Mashable however do seem to inidicate that they are in fact talking.